Sept 29, 2021: Outcomes of Fungus Olympics published in PLoS ONE (Sept 29, 2021)

I had the pleasure of contributing to a research article which describes the results of the Fungus Olympics competition that I previously wrote about.


The article was published in PLoS ONE and can be found here.



Group Photo 2016

Group picture March 2016-3

Group photo of Coad and Griesser research groups taken 1/3/2016 by Thomas Michl.

Back row (L to R): Altaf Hossain, Solmaz Saboohi, Carla Giles, Steph Lamont-Friedrich, Alasdair Cross, Bryan Coad, Hans Griesser, Htwe Mon, Javad Naderi, Thomas Michl

Front row (L to R): Hongfang Wang, Israt Biva

Best Poster awards at ASBTE conference

Giresser Coad Group

L to R: Hans Griesser, Stephanie Lamont-Friedrich, Lauren Gwynne, Israt Biva, Altaf Hossain, Bryan Coad

Mycology / Surface Interfaces Group (MSIG) members Stephanie-Lamont Friedrich, Lauren Gwynne, and Altaf Hossain won the best poster awards at the recent ISSIB / ASBTE conference in Sydney (April 2015).

This was a fantastic achievement in winning both of the conference poster awards for MSIG researchers. Stephanie and Lauren (co-presenters) won for their poster entitled “Micro-patterned arrays for investigating the contact-killing mechanism of antifungal surfaces” and Altaf won for his poster “Investigation of natural antifungal compounds and surface coatings“.

Congratulations to Steph, Lauren, and Altaf!


New Publication in Microbiology Australia

What is the role of surface chemistry and materials science in combating fungal disease?

In my article in Microbiology Australia, I give my perspective on how scientists are transforming surface interfaces into active surfaces through nano-scale surface modifications: On the surface of it: the role of materials science in developing antifungal therapies and diagnostics.

Current Challenges in the Design of Effective Antifungal Surfaces (Poster)


(Work is copyright Bryan Coad, 2014)

I presented this poster at the Australasian Society for Infectious Diseases (ASID) conference earlier this year.

I’m making it available for download for personal/educational use.

Clicking here will link to a PDF download (2 MB) of the full sized poster. The poster is copyrighted and not for reproduction. If you intend to use this work for personal/educational use, please contact me and I will provide a non-watermarked PDF copy.

Announcing the Mycology / Surface Interfaces Group (MSIG)

I’m pleased to announce that I will be leading research on antifungal surfaces under MSIG: The Mycology / Surface Interface Group.

More information on MSIG and other research can be found on the Mawson Institute Web Page.  In particular, Group Leader web pages have now been updated.  Please click here or the image below to go to the Coad Laboratories page.

NB. Updated 8/5/17. Removed old links to now missing web pages. Please see “Contact Info” for the latest information.