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Dr Bryan Coad’s expertise is in understanding the interface between materials and biological systems. His focus is on the study of materials and how to exploit their interfacial properties to modify or induce a biological response. These new materials bring new understanding to issues in human well-being including human health and food production. 

At the School of Agriculture, Food and Wine at the University of Adelaide, he is a Senior Research Fellow and leads the Mycology / Surface Interfaces Group (MSIG) — a multidisciplinary and international collaboration with clinicians, mycologists, chemists and surface scientist to understand the often overlooked problem of fungal infections on surfaces. MSIG encompasses both human and plant fungal diseases. With plant pathogens, research is focused towards improving food security by understanding how and why fungal pathogens spoil crops. With human pathogens, MSIG discoveries contribute towards a greater understanding of polymicrobial infections (i.e. infections derived from bacterial and fungal pathogens, commonly present together in biofilms on infected materials.)

Related research is focused on biomolecule immobilization on surfaces, the physico-chemical surface forces influencing biological interfaces, and developing new capacity in surface engineering with polymer grafted surface coatings (plasma polymers).

Career & group goals

  • To accumulate and build knowledge in the area of surface coatings
  • To build fundamental knowledge around how biological systems interface with materials by designing new coatings and by their analysis.
  • And to train a talented group of researchers to apply new solutions that find a rapid uptake in industry.

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